Summer '23 Coop Update


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Long time no chat! Finals season is almost done for me. Just two more exams and I'll be able to say I'm all done. I can't say I'm super fond of having to work through finals all that much

Unfortunately, the co-op opportunity that I talked about having in a prior post has fallen through. I won't get into the specifics, but it was not a good fit for either of us.

As a result, I applied for the Recurse Center and got in! I'm beyond excited about it and I've also lined up a local startup to work for during this time. I'm very pleased to have avoided the issue of employment this term, as it seems to be the trend to not have any good job.

In other news, I've got a blog post in the workings about the CHICKEN Scheme Compiler. My plan so far for my time at the Recurse Center is to write a compiler of my own, possibly using Scheme 5 (do people call it that?) as a target.

Also, I started a chain on Mastodon asking Matt Godbolt for books on compilers and interpreter design. It has some good picks out of it. I'll summarize them below for posterity!

Not technically a compiler book, but very cool:

Some academic resources listed too:

Thank you to Matthew Godbolt, David Beazley, CF Bolz-Tereick, Scott Graham, Ron Gilbert, sandmage, mnml mnl, Marco, and SteeleDynamics.